Specializing in Wiring Harness Electrical Terminals and Connectors for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda Cars and Motorcycles, for Classic and Current Models. Including Yazaki, Sumitomo, Hitachi, Hero, AMP

Our Goal is to Provide you with the Best Quality Motorcycle Electrical Terminals, Connectors, and Accessories, At A Great Price. While getting your Order to you Fast for Reasonable shipping.

Motorcycle Wiring Terminals and Insulators

Check out our Terminal  Section, Where you should find all your wiring needs, Including Kits

Individual terminals, and Insulator Sleeves.

Bullet terminals 3.5mm and 3.9mm (4mm) - male, female, double female, and triple female, with heavy Insulating sleeves.

(.110) 2.8mm Spade terminals - male and female (locking) and Non locking type.

(.187) 4.6mm Spade Terminals - for relay and switch connections, With Insulator sleeves available.

(.250) 6.3mm Spade terminals - male and female (locking, and non locking type) . With Insulating sleeves available.

Flag terminals in (.250) 6.3mm and (.312) 7.8mm - for tight spots like some Ignition coils, Horns,  and H4 headlamp connectors. With Insulating sleeves available.

Ring terminals 4.3mm - 5.3mm - 6.3mm.

Splice Terminals  - For Joining Multiple wires.

Terminals for 090 Sealed Connectors - for HM/MT/HW Sealed Connectors               Posi Products - the Reusable Connectors

Featured Products Include

Motorcycle Electric Components and accessories for the Motorsport industry, Motorcycle wiring harness, Motorcycle Fuse Box’s, Headlight Relay Kits, Horn Relay Kits, Auxiliary Lighting Relay Kits, Accessory Relay Kits, Terminals, Electrical Connectors, Relays, Adhesive Lined Shrink tube, Wire Sleeving and loom, and much more.

Motorcycle Terminal and Electrical Connector Kits

We have A wide selection of Open Barrel Terminal kits available. Including Smaller kits for the one time restoration or repair, and larger kits for the repair shop, or multiple restorations of Motorcycle wiring Harnesses. You can repair your wiring Harness with OEM Quality components, and know you did it right!

Terminal Kits  in various assortments - Just bullets, Bullets and Ring terminals, just spade Terminals

Connector with Terminal kits -  2.3mm (.090) weather proof seal, 2.8mm (.110) , 6.3mm (.250)

Click on the link for a Detailed list Motorcycle Terminal Kits

Cycle Terminal

OEM  Japanese Wiring Terminals, Connectors,Kits and Supplies

Wire Harness Shrink tube,Wire loom, and Sleeve,3M Electrical tape, Solder, Fuses

Terminals Connectors Crimp tools Relay kits Relays Shipping Fuse box's Diagrams Tubing Manuals About Me Fuses New Items

High Quality Adhesive lined Shrink tube - 3/1 Shrink Ratio - the only type we use, great for crimp splice, butt splice, battery and ring connector ends, use for stress relief and as extra protection at the insulation end of crimps. Available  Black or Red

Tapes and Adhesives - 3M temflex,  3M super 33+,  or Silver PVC to match the older 60’s and early 70’s factory wiring harness.

Non Adhesive - Dry Vinyl Electrical Tape - For Vintage Cars and Motorcycle Harness

Wire loom, Tubing,  and Sheathing - PVC sheathing, high temp protection for your wiring upgrades. Braided High Temp Nylon loom, Expandable, High temp, use a little shrink tube on the ends for that extra clean look. High Temp Cloth type loom, vintage look.

Fuses - ATC and Mini ATM

Molex Permaseal, Posi-lock, and Posi-tap connectors

3M Tapes       Wire harness sleeve and Tubing           Braided Sleeve          Sumitube Shrink Tube      Mini ATMFuses

Posi-lock and Molex Permaseal

Motorcycle Relays and Relay Base Socket Holders, Honda R/R Connectors

We use and provide you with only the Best Mini and Micro Relay’s

Micro Relay’s

Panasonic  Nais 20A - These high quality micro relays are made in Japan by Matsushita.

They are extremely reliable and compact. excellent for motorcycle applications. Epoxy sealed and waterproof. The casing is a very tough, heat resistant material, not a thin plastic cap that's glued on as many cheap relays are. And they are much lighter and more compact than the old style metal capped relays.

Mitsuba 20A - These high quality micro relays are made in Japan by Mitsuba.

They are light, compact, extremely reliable. excellent for motorcycle applications.

Mini Relay’s

Panasonic  Nais 40A - These high quality mini relays are made in Japan by Matsushita.

excellent for motorcycle applications. Epoxy sealed and waterproof. The casing is a very tough,

heat resistant material, extremely reliable and compact. Motorcycle accessory relays    Relay Sockets

Honda Voltage Regulator/Rectifier Connector



This connector has a combo of two large .312 terminals on the bottom, and three smaller .250 terminals across the top.

This Connector is used on Honda Shadow Models, CB Models, CBR Models, NT, VF, XL and many others.

Made in Japan.

2 x 312 14 AWG Terminals

3 x 250 14 AWG Terminals

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If your replacing your R/R, replace the connectors and Terminals too.

You’ll be glad you did!


Set YC250-3

Yazaki 3 Pin Connector

Stator to R&R Connector and Terminals

This connector is used on a lot of different makes. These Burn up fast and often, if you want the factory replacement type here it is.

Sumitomo Type also available here

Set SC250-3

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Stator to R&R Connector and Terminals

Burnt Stator Connector?

It’s Common

 We have your replacement.

Common Connector on lots of Make and Models.

Motorcycle Relay Kits for Horn, Headlight, Fuse box and Accessories

Horn Relay Kit pictured on left!!

All quality components,totally plug and play. Horn leads from the relay are 57 inches long. Total length of battery lead is 10 inches.
Panasonic EW/Matsushita 20 amp relay, or Mitsuba 20 Micro relay, both made in Japan, super light and reliable.

Hi temp flameproof tubing, crosslinked wire 14 and 16 AWG. Battery Cables and terminals at the relay and Horn are crimped and soldered, then sealed with adhesive lined shrink tube where needed, all crimps are factory quality with shrink tube when needed for additional strain relief.

If you ride in the rain all the crimps can get the dual wall shrink tube. the horn connectors can get black shrink or the clear sleeve. Can be custom made to your dimensions. headlight, fog lamp, Fuse box/panel and accessory relay setups available as well.

Horn Relay Harness     Fuse Box Components   

There is a MINIMUM ORDER of $5.00

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H4 Headlight Connectors

Low profile 90 DEG. for use with .312 flag terminals.

Standard duty - for use with 55/60 Watt H4 bulbs only.

After inserting the terminals on these, I use some 1 ½ inch shrink tube to secure the wiring to the connector.

$2.25 each   H4-312 Standard                          

Comes with 3 x .312 AMP Tin Plated Brass Flag Terminals

More Headlamp connectors          Ceramic H4 Connectors

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Switched 3 Circuit Sealed Fuse box Kit - for all Makes and Models

ALL CIRCUITS SWITCHED - Fits just about anywhere you want to put it!!

All quality components,totally plug and play, super light and reliable. Can be mounted anywhere near the battery or under a side cover.
 Comes with 3 -2 pin male connectors and 7 - .250 brass male terminals for 14-18 AWG for you to wire you accessories to.

Hi temp flameproof sleeving, cross-linked wire 16  AWG, up to 15 amps per Fused circuit. Panasonic EW sealed main relay made by Matsushita in Japan.

Comes with 1 Posi-tap 12-18 AWG connector to wire your Main relay control to a hot wire, from a tail light or whatever switched circuit is fit for your needs.

And you get a bunch of wire ties.

If you ride in the rain all the crimps can get the dual wall shrink tube.

Can also be custom made to your dimensions.

Headlight, Fog lamp, and Horn relay kit setups available as well.


 16 AWG kit for modest power needs, comes with  7.5, 10, 15 and 30 AMP mini ATM Fuses.        More Fuse Box Kits                   Mini ATMFuses

Metri Pack 280 - 3 Circuit Fuse Box - will hold 3 Mini ATM fuses

Great setup, very light, will hang from a properly secured harness, Terminals are very easy to crimp and install. And the size is perfect to tuck away somewhere on a motorcycle.

If you chose the 16-18, the set will come with the proper terminals for 16-18 AWG wiring.

Metri-pack 280 Fuse box/splice pack and covers are Available here               

Mini ATMFuses

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Amphenol Deutsch AT-DT type connectors

Sealed Connectors by Amphenol, take size 16 terminals.

Deutsch DT compatible

A Nice Compact, sealed connector.

Comes complete with 16-18 AWG terminals, Wedgelock terminal retainers, and wire end seals (not shown).

Compatible with factory Harley Davidson connectors, Heavy Duty truck manufactures, and MSD ignitions.   

        Amphenol Deutsch AT/DT type connectors

CDI Connector

This connector takes one 2 pin female
Connector, and one 4 pin female connector.

This is what you will need if you have
a bad solder joints, or burnt connector
for your CDI unit.
This connector will allow you to
recondition your old CDI unit, and will
need to be soldered.

$12.95 Each 090-DC CDI

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4 Pin DC-090
CDI Connector
Terminals and
Wire Seals Included

$3.25 each
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2 Pin DC-090
CDI Connector
Terminals and
Wire Seals Included

$2.45 each
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Motorcycle Harness Soft PVC connector covers

Motorcycle Harness Connector covers

Another tough one to source.

These soft PVC cover are identical to the covers that cam e with your bike

from the factory.

At 1.5mm in thickness, these are available in 4 sizes,

small, medium, large, and XL,  the clear medium is to come.

   Harness Connector Covers can be found Here

Medium is pictured
Extra Female Terminals
For DC 090

$0.25 each
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Motorcycle Starter Solenoid Connectors - Main Fuse Cover

A Special connector For most Honda, Yamaha, some Kawasaki, and Suzuki.

It has the Connector lock built into the Main Fuse cover.

They have 20A cast in the fuse cover, but may be used for any Fuse rating.

These were very hard to find, and had a very high cost.

These come with 4 Yazaki .250 locking terminals for 14-18 gauge wire.

                           Solenoid Connectors can be found Here

FW-090 Series Furukawa Connectors

and FP-090 series Kawasaki CDI Headers in 4 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin, and 16 pin

                        RFW and FP Connectors are here

Motorcycle CDI Connectors for Kawasiaki and Suzuki